Live, Laugh, Learn, Love…


My life has been full of events and people that have left me smiling or crying. I believe it’s all been for a reason. When I’m creating, I feel the most alive. So I keep reaching out and asking questions. Pursuing my writing is the best thing I can do to truly “live.”


Sharing experiences and hopes keeps me grounded and learning. I love to connect with people and find common threads. Aren’t friends the best for this? If I’m not laughing, then I’m having a harder day. Laughter is necessary, like air! How about you?  


As a child, writing provided a way to express myself, especially in my diary. As an adult, I found my way back to writing after years of just dipping my toes into it. I became serious about learning the craft of magazine and novel writing and took some courses. Now I can give voice to the characters that roam through my head or write about ideas that make me wonder.

I continue to learn by following authors and sites that teach me. 


My family is my true rock. I’m in constant gratitude for them. What else do I love? Taking pictures, traveling, watching movies, and savoring dark chocolate–a lot! 

Here’s to all the people and things that feed our souls and keep pushing us to who we truly are.