I love stories! When I could read on my own, I devoured Nancy Drew and Judy Blume books. I admired Nancy’s tidy way of wrapping up a case. Thank goodness I never had a brother like Fudge!

When I grew up I wrote for my college newspaper–movie reviews–and an article for a short lived health magazine. After college I began teaching and my creative writing went underground. Motherhood and a new job happily became my focuses.

About thirteen years ago my creative side knocked again, and I became serious about learning the craft of writing. I took a magazine and novel writing course, and now I can give voices to the characters that roam through my head or write about ideas that make me wonder. I write at night, and on weekends.

Of course I’m eager to get more proficient as a writer, so I look to professional sites and great books to lead me forward.

Currently I work as a Reading Teacher helping struggling readers. They are surprising, funny and honest as they share opinions. Watching them grow as readers and writers throughout the year is a privilege. They teach me, too.

My family is my true rock and since dynamics are changing, I am gaining more time to write. My dog–my great furry love–keeps me company and finds me when it’s time for breaks. (I wish she could read my stories….)

If I’m not writing, I love to travel  and explore history, walk, read, or curl up with a book or a movie. Some of my favorite places are the beach, the bookstore, coffee shops, a bench by the lake, and my back patio.  

Thanks for reading.

(P.S. Favorite authors: Stephen King, Dorothea Benton Frank, Judy Blume, Dave Barry, Neil Gaiman, Mary Downing Hahn and Kate Messner, to name a few.)