I’m passionate about stories! Books, TV shows or movies, I can’t wait to follow characters and see where they end up. My mom was (and still is) an avid reader and helped begin my love of reading.

I’ve also been a writer my whole life. I wrote letters, had a diary, and I made up characters and acted out stories in my living room. In my twenties, I co-wrote movie reviews in college and in 2004 (my 30’s), I started learning about the craft of writing through classes and webinars. And I’m not done yet! 

However, writing took a back seat somewhat when I entered the teaching world. In 1998 I took a job as a Reading Specialist and stayed until June ’22. I loved to watch students’ faces light up when they really recognized themselves as readers. We had great conversations about characters like Judy Moody, Eva from Owl Diaries, and the Bailey School kids, especially Eddie. 

Present Day

I love writing fiction–short stories and chapter/middle grade books (mostly in the 8-12 age range for those who don’t know). I love books that are humorous, paranormal, mysterious and historical. I’m uncovering a fondness for writing non-fiction, too. I’m curious about so many topics. 

What drives your writing? Many things inspire mine: people, emotions, places, old houses and buildings, history, movies, books, nature, trips. Ideas are all around–sometimes even in the smallest of things. Here’s to your inspiration!

Writing with you,


Bits and Pieces of me…

~Cherish and love my family and close friends. 

~Adore my dog and know she is a fur Angel.

~Talk to myself when I’m writing. (That’s what geniuses do, right?)

~Faced a moose at dusk on my drive out of the Grand Canyon–it was BIG.  

~Fascinated by tiny houses but could never live in one (same thing with campers).

~LOVE traveling, especially to the ocean.

~Would like to someday swim with the dolphins.

~Writing on a rainy day is a cozy time.

~Lose myself in a great movie or book and forget what time it is.

~Shook Lou Gramm’s hand when I was about 15 (my dad introduced me–I was so embarrassed).

Kind words for you fellow writer…

Learn to Love all the parts of you-even the hard ones.

Learn to Trust your Heart.

Expect Good things for yourself!

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash