I am the oldest of two sisters and growing up my household was full of music—jazz, to be exact. My father is a musician and has played his tenor sax in various bands around Rochester. He still practices almost every day as he approaches 80!

As for me,  I’m passionate about books—fiction, non-fiction—doesn’t matter. My mother read to me all the time and I couldn’t get enough. I loved to dive into another time and place and follow a character through a journey or let my curiosity guide me to uncover things and then uncover some more. Still do! I get lost in my books and inspired by them, all at once.

Favorite childhood book

In college, I studied English and then went on to get a teaching degree. I’ve been a reading teacher since 1997. I love to watch kids’ confidence and excitement grow as they dive into new books. They ask great questions which sparks my curiosity, too!

Present Day

I love to write fiction but am uncovering a strong love for non-fiction, too. I write mostly in the middle grades for now. Writing is better when I share it with other writers–no question. I welcome others’ input and insights because it will make a better book in the end, and I’ll be learning, too. One of the best things I like about writing is that there’s room for us all. There are limitless ideas!

What inspires me to write? People, places, buildings, movies, books, nature, trips, my own curiosity, many, many things. Ideas are all around. That’s so great! 

I wonder what’s next?!

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash