My writing journey thus far….

I love stories! From very early on I was read to and so thank you mom for instilling that love of story. In elementary school, I devoured Nancy Drew and Judy Blume books. As I got older, I graduated to Stephen King, Dorothy Benton Frank and Nora Roberts.

I became serious about learning the craft of writing and took a magazine and novel writing course through the Institute of Children’s Writing. I’m a grateful member of Children’s Book Insider and have taken advantage of their wonderful free webinars, among other fantastic goodies. (Check them out!)

I love reading and writing scary stories. I’ve been inspired by my travels to the Low Country of South Carolina and the city of Savannah, GA. Both places claim their fair share of ghosts! My current work in progress (WIP) is a paranormal middle-grade novel about a twelve-year-old who’s got a mystery and a pesky ghost on her hands.

Currently I work as a Reading Teacher helping struggling readers. Watching them grow as readers and writers is a privilege. It also gives me ideas for short stories or even chapter books. Plus I get some great article ideas from all their questions that I can’t answer! 

If I’m not writing, I’m with my family. We love to travel  and explore history, walk, or settle in for a movie. Some of my favorite places are the beach, the bookstore, coffee shops, a bench by the lake, and my back patio.  

Happy writing!

(P.S. Favorite authors: Stephen King, Dorothea Benton Frank, Judy Blume, Dave Barry, Neil Gaiman, Mary Downing Hahn and Kate Messner, to name a few.)