Books Can Heal


I have to admit that after last Tuesday, I was in a bit of a funk. When I got to work, my friend and teaching buddy was feeling the same way. (I won’t list the three letter acronym she used right when she walked in, but it sure hit the mark for me!) Short of moping all day, we decided the best way to combat our blues and keep a smiling face for our students was to combine our groups and switch it up for the day. Instead of guided reading and word work, we read books about the themes we wished had been traveling the news waves this whole time.


It helped. It got the students sharing and connecting and it took our minds off of what was troubling us. So we pass this on to you fellow teachers, parents and caregivers. Below you’ll find a short list of books that we found with the themes of:  tolerance, personal choices, kindness and love. These are not necessarily new but rather “tried and true” and fit what we were going for.

  • Hey, Little Ant (Philip and Hannah Hoose)
  • Mama, If You Had a Wish (Jeanne Modesitt)
  • One Smile (Cindy McKinley)
  • A Chair For My Mother (Vera B. Williams)
  • I’m Gonna Like Me (Jamie Lee Curtis)



What titles would you add to our list? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Books Can Heal

  1. Books can heal a need to “escape” per se, get one’s mind on something else altogether. Sharing and connecting so necessary today, when many families are “split”, hard for children to understand. Therefore let’s read and take our thoughts and feelings elsewhere.

    1. Yes, books can be a helpful escape as well as a way for children to connect to their own experiences, letting them know they’re not alone. With so many split families, I, too, hope books are a way for kids to share with what’s going on in their hearts.
      Thanks, Marcia.

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