Kids Love Holiday Books!

The HOLIDAYS are here!  Whoopie! And so are HOLIDAY BOOKS!

Not excited? A little stressed? Kids getting wound up? Well, I understand all that. It’s a busy time of year and emotions can run high. But of course a great way to de-stress (I think) is to cozy up with a book and forget the day. It’s over anyway and the bedtime reading (especially if you have kids) will be underway.

So I’m putting out a short list of holiday books I’ve used with my students throughout the years. These have proven to be popular with second and third graders. (I like to stay away from The Polar Express or How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and others) because most likely the kids will have seen the movies.) None of the holiday books on this list are new, but of course, tried and true (I promise only one cliche.)

(*Note: Next Tuesday I’ll include other holiday books and books for the season. I try to be an equal opportunity reader  :))

So here goes:

Olive the other Reindeer (J. Otto Seibold/Vivian Walsh/1997/ Scholastic)


Olive is a dog who suddenly realizes she must be a reindeer instead after she hears Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and mixes up the lyrics. She reports just in time to the North Pole and gets to ride with Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Due to her natural abilities of fetching, barking and her sense of smell, she saves Santa from a few mishaps on the way as they deliver presents. Olive helps guide the sleigh safely back home to the North Pole (good dog).

Merry Christmas, Splat (Rob Scotton/2009/ Scholastic)


Splat, if you didn’t already know, is a cat. He’s worried that maybe he hasn’t been his best all year and decides to help his mom with some chores just in case there’s time for building extra points with Santa. Does this work for him or has he just exhausted his mother?! Will Santa take note? Read and find out if his efforts paid off. (What was Splat’s present anyway?)

Mrs. Santa Claus (Penny Ives/1990/Dell Publishing)


Spots, spots, and more spots! What happened to Santa and the reindeer? Mrs. Claus steps in to deliver the presents when Santa and the reindeer become ill. How does she do it without a sleigh? And reindeer? With imagination and determination. Enjoy!

Christmas Magic (Michael Garland/2003/Puffin Books)


Emily is sure that Christmas Eve feels different, much different than ever before. When mice start baking in her kitchen and her pets are singing carols, things are strange. But when Emily peeks outside and sees the change in the snowmen that she and her friend helped build, she’s convinced that the night is truly magical. Instead of snowmen, she sees two humans twirling together in perfect harmony across the sparkling snow. (The pictures are gorgeous!)

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