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More holiday books? Yes! Last week I asked if you were feeling stressed and if the answer was yes, then one of my antidotes was to get thee to a good book. Perhaps the books listed below will add to your enjoyment of the holidays. Again, none of these are new but they are some of the most popular kid holiday books in our building. Enjoy!

Hanukkah (Roni Schotter/ Marylin Hafner/ 1990)

Eight candles burn, clay dreydels are made, and latkes are flying off the plate. Sounds like a Hanukkah celebration! This book shows a family on the last night of Hanukkah and explains the traditions in a kid friendly way. At the back of the book the author includes the history of Hanukkah along with a page of definitions of terms and pictures to go with it. This is a wonderful story of celebration with family and tradition.

My First Kwanzaa Book (Deborah M. Newton Chocolate/Cal Massey/1992, Scholastic)

Shown in bright, bold, inviting pictures, this family celebrates the seven days of Kwanzaa. Each date of the seven days of the celebration are posted in the corner of the right hand page. Included in the back of the book are the principles of Kawanzaa with both the Swahili and English language, as well as definitions for Kawanzaa symbols. What a beautiful introduction to this holiday.

A Houseful of Christmas (Barbara Joosse/Betsy Lewin/ 2001, Henry Holt and Company)

Granny is once again preparing for Christmas and the whole family will be there, even great Aunt Ruby. Kids can relate to the “everyday happenings ” of eating dinner, opening presents and finding a place to sleep among all the relatives. Read this book snuggled under the blankets on a cold, winter’s night.


10 Minute Seasonal Crafts for Winter (Annalees Lim/ 2015, Rosen Publishing)

Got twigs? Bird seed? Ice? Then you’ve got the makings for some edible and natural winter crafts.  These seasonal crafts range from bird houses to an ice sculpture to bird Bingo! This book veers off of the traditional craft making into environmental crafts for kids. I love how the author included simple items you can gather from outside or within your house.


My holiday wish is for you to discover a new (old) book for this holiday, whatever you celebrate. May you enjoy a peaceful and playful time with your family and friends!

Happy Holidays! Talk next year!

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