Siblings, Reptiles and a Blended Duck Family–New Spring Books for You!

Need some new books?

Happy April! Spring has sprung, flowers are popping and the birds are chatty! I hope mother nature is showing off in your area, too. 

I love checking out new books at the library. They stir up ideas and get the creative mojo going. So today I’ve got three book recommendations for you:

~dear sister by Alison McGhee

This graphic novel is written in note form–complete with sketches–by a big brother to his new baby sister. It starts the day she was born. In each note, the brother tells her just how he feels about having a sister and the way things will be! He writes to her for ten years until he’s 18. Funny and relatable with lots of heart.


When Joan Proctor turned 10 in 1907, she began a love for reptiles, specifically lizards and snakes. For her 16th birthday, she even got a small crocodile as a present. All her studying and fascination for these animals led her to become the first woman curator at the Reptile House in London. Read more about her amazing service work to those animals and how she bonded with a 7′ Komodo dragon named Sumbawa.

DUCK, DUCK, DINOSAUR by Kallie George

In this picture book, Mama Duck had two ducklings: Feather and Flap. But when Spike was born, Flap had some doubts. Did he truly belong? Read how Mama Duck’s love was big enough to include all her babies, no matter what.

Tell me how the kids like the books! Happy reading!

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