What inspires your writing?

Hello! I thought I’d start my first Wednesday Writing post with a short talk on inspiration in writing. Writers are inspired by lots of things (of course!): people, places, events, etc., but there’s one thing that never fails to kick me into major writing mode: autumn.

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Autumn is by far my favorite season. I’m blown away by the colors, which are so varied that I dare Crayola to put a name to them. I deliberately kick up the leaves when I walk, just like a seven-year-old and smile at the crinkly sounds under my shoes. And who doesn’t love the smells of fall? Apples, chimney smoke, pumpkin and cinnamon, to name a few. The air is heavier, the wind sharper, and the sun shoots rays between all those heavy, gray clouds lighting up the tops of those gorgeous trees.

It’s perfect. Even my dog loves it.

At a time of year when nature is getting ready to downshift and rest for a while, I feel renewed and uplifted. It’s a new season, I’m ready for it, and it pushes me to write.

Here’s to more words….


Are you inspired to write more during a particular season? If so, what about it keeps those words moving through you?

2 thoughts on “What inspires your writing?

  1. The change of seasons always an inspirational time. And autumn too is a favorite though now we are living in the south, cooler days and nights but no glorious color on the live oaks. We have hundreds of these glorious “monuments” all around but no autumn color with them. Instead of leaves falling for the most part, hundreds of acorns fall every day. Some crepe myrtles change color but they have few fall leaves on them to begin with.

    1. I agree, each season offers its own kind of inspiration. Where you are, even though those mighty oaks are not displaying lots of colors, they are a beautiful staple to many parts of the country.
      Thanks, Marcia.

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